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About Us

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Girl Meets World teaches school-aged girls that they are full of potential. They gain practical tips for their career paths as well as hands-on workshops to develop resiliency, living intentionally, and overcoming obstacles.

Our Founders

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Francesca ReDavid

GMW sessions are full of inspiration, self love, and acceptance. Our speakers, girls and schools are what continue to make it a special place.

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Sandia Trent

 The girls in our program see, listen, and talk with young, successful female professionals who share their journeys candidly, starting from girlhood. Without fail, I see the girls grow in worldview, confidence, and height! 

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Thomas Purpin

If you can see it, you can be it. Girl Meets World is empowering the girls to create their own future - the better one they deserve.


Take Action and Join Us Today!

Our community is constantly growing and girls across the country are gaining from it. Join us to transform the future of the workforce and the lives of girls everywhere.

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