"The hardest thing about middle school is being picked on and being bullied, people talking about you and rumors going around the school. Girl Meets World has helped me  feel more confident in school and I'm learning that girls friends should be your biggest fans."

- Jackie, Age 15

Girl Meets World Participant

Girl Meets World transforms the minds of school-aged girls by giving them practical tips on career paths in tech and beyond, hands-on workshops on developing resiliency, living intentionally, overcoming obstacles and maximizing their potential.


Our year-long speaker program introduces the girls to speakers from career fields in STEM,

the arts, and more. The girls learn what a day in the life of that career looks like and

practical steps to achieving it. The sessions are held as intimate, round table discussions

that encourage conversation between students and speakers to explore and deepen the

themes introduced.

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Girls have participated in the program since 2019


Speakers have volunteer their time. FBI agents, World record holder, lawyers, neuroscientists and more


Schools in Texas and NYC have participated in the program


Girl Meets World was founded 8 years ago!